Tips for Strong and Healthy Nails

Strong nails are a sign of good health. Doing things to improve nail strength often improves our overall health as well. Plus, even one nail with a chip, a split or an outright hangnail can cause us hours of obsession as we pick and gnaw away at it. Strong nails can help us to look and feel good. If nail strength is your goal, these ten tips are your recipe.

1. Give your nails time to breath. Though leaving nails without care or polish for too long can cause them to break and otherwise spilt or be wavy, letting them have regular time without polish can help them look great.

2. Eat beans. Protein is a great way to get strong nails. Try a Bean Burrito at Taco Bell and watch your nails grow stronger – plus your hair will be shinier and it is good for your health in general.

3. Keep a clear coat of polish on your nails when you don’t feel like doing a full-on manicure. Look for something that is strengthening for nails like the many options available by Sally Hansen at Walgreens or SallyHansen.

4. Use a nail polish remover without acetone or formaldehyde as these are drying. Use acetate-based polishes instead. And if possible, don’t remove your polish more than twice a month.

5. File your nails in one direction. When filing your nails into your desired shape, try to primary file the top of the nail in one direction.

6. Don’t bite. Your nails, that is. Biting nails causes them to be nonexistent, unattractive and jagged. It typically does not have a long term effect on nails (

7. Wear rubber gloves when you are working a lot in soap and water or harsh chemicals. This is a good way to protect.

8. Keep your nails (and yourself) moisturized. Apply a hand moisturizer daily (Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Hand Crème is a great lotion that dries quickly to make hands silky, available at Walgreens) and massage them into your fingernails as well.

9. Take vitamins to improve your nail strength. B Vitamin Biotin was found to strengthen horses hooves and, in later studies, people too. Zinc is also a good way to strengthen nails.

10. Tap your nails on your desk. You know the tapping that you do that can show people you’re impatient or bored? According to Lady’s Home Journal, it stimulates growth, making them stronger.

Make it Fun: Making your nails stronger is also a great way to express how you’re
feeling. Pick your color of choice, add studs or paint your initials or a message onto your nails. It is a way to pamper and express too.

To prevent the dreaded bubbles from forming in your polish, roll the bottle between your palms instead of shaking it. It works!

Apply a base and top coat and push back your cuticles in addition to your color polish when giving yourself a manicure.

Deep orange is a hot fall hue though deep purple is our recurring favorite.