Doing a Home Pedicure

Unfortunately, time and money doesn’t always allow you to enjoy an evening in the salon indulging in a relaxing pedicure. But with the right pedicure tips, you can give yourself spa-quality pedicures anytime you want. Treat your feet to a soothing pedicure at home with these simple pedicure tips.

o Use a cotton ball to remove the old nail polish from your toenails.

o Clip your toenails straight across with a toenail clipper.

o Use a nail file to shape your toenails and remove ragged edges.

o One of the best pedicure tips is to soak your feet for 10-minutes in a basin or pedicure tub filled with warm water. This will help soften the cuticles and calluses on the on the bottoms of your feet. For extra relaxation benefits, add some Epsom salt and a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

o Wet a pumice stone and scrub the bottoms of your feet to remove dead skin and calluses. A pumice stone is very abrasive, so do not to scrub your feet too hard.

o Apply cuticle cream on your cuticles and use an orange stick to gently push them back. After you push the cuticles back, angle the orange stick and move it in a slow circular motion to remove the dead cuticles. Wipe the excess cuticle cream away with a warm washcloth.

o Use a foot lotion to moisturize the feet. Massage the lotion into the feet until it is absorbed into the skin.

o Nail polish won’t adhere properly to oily nails, so put some nail polish remover on a cotton ball and wipe the oil off your toes.

o Apply two coats of your favorite nail color to the toenails. Let each coat of polish dry before applying another one. After the nail color dries, add a coat of clear protective polish.

o To remove excess nail polish from the skin around the toenails, wrap a piece of tissue around a cuticle stick (or use a q-tip), dip it in a little nail polish remover and swipe it on the skin around the toenails.

To reduce the risk of fungal and bacterial infections, clean your pedicure tools after each use. Wash the tools with warm soapy water, and wipe them down with alcohol.

With these simple at-home pedicure tips [out], you can give yourself the same quality, spa-style pedicure you would get at a salon.