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Take Care of Your Cuticles

Why is it important to pay attention to nail cuticle care? What’s the cuticle and what role does it play in our body? The cuticle forms the seal of the nail and the fingers. This means the cuticle is that dead skin that overlaps our nails and fingers. Beneath this cuticle, the nail matrix is formed. These cuticles play a very interesting role in our body. Just as the cuticle in a leaf protects the inner layers of the leaf from damage, the cuticle on our nails protects them from damage from fungus, bacteria, etc. Isn’t it strange, our cuticle plays a protective function, yet we seldom consider the cuticle as a protective part of our body! Its absence can conduce to severe nail infections, hangnail issues, nail fungus, etc. Let’s have a look at some nail cuticle care tips that we can carry out at home, so as to keep your cuticles groomed with little effort.

Moisturize the Nails
The major causative factor of nail cuticle problems is dry, ragged and peeling nails. It’s this dryness that conduces to hangnails (dry bits of cuticle appearing on the nail’s sides). To prevent this, the nails need to be moisturized with a hand cream or body lotion regularly. Rub the moisturizer into the cuticle and perform this daily. Don’t just apply it on the hands and be satisfied. You need to specifically massage the moisturizer onto your cuticles.

Massage Your Cuticles
Everyday after bath, massage your cuticles gently with warm olive oil or jojoba oil. This will help prevent the cuticle from drying. However, since only application of oil will not help soften the cuticle, one should use cuticle remover for softening the nail. Some even use orangewood oil for softening the cuticle, however the cuticle remover is more effective.

Use a Cuticle Stick
Once you soften the cuticle, the whitish residue present at the base and sides of the nail need to be cleaned as well. For this, use an orange stick (cuticle stick) to gently push back the cuticles by holding the stick at an angle such that no damage is done to the cuticle. Once you’ve got the stick at the angle, gradually move the stick in circles near the base of the nail, so as to remove the dead and flaky skin. Carry out this procedure two to three times per nail.

Give Your Cuticles Some Rest
Sometimes over-grooming results in drying, tearing and peeling of the cuticle around the nails. People who use too much nail polish on a regular basis and other lacquers should give their nails and cuticles a break once in a while. Applying the nail polish remover more than once a week can suck out all the moisture. Avoid using the nail polish remover more than once a week. Moreover, avoid going in for a manicure too often, as it can lead to overgrown and hardened cuticles.

Care While Using Household Cleaning Products
While carrying out household chores, cleaning and washing, ones cuticles come in touch with harsh household cleaning agents, which damage and dry the nail cuticles. Immersing the hands in these cleaning solutions causes minor redness and irritation to the cuticles. Thus, while using such cleaning products wear cotton-lined rubber gloves.

Besides these above mentioned nail cuticle care tips, make sure you refrain from biting your fingernails. Never rip apart your cuticles with your fingers or teeth. This will just rupture the protective covering on the nails. Moreover, refrain from using your fingernails to pry objects. It’s better to keep convenient sticks of moisturizing cream in your bag, which will enable you to apply it anytime you desire. In case of any infection, contact the dermatologist immediately. Hope this article of nail cuticle care was helpful and informative!

Tips on Shaping Nails

Shaping nails require a little skill and above all, patience. Well-shaped nails enhance the look of your hands, making them look graceful and elegant. The attractiveness of your hands is very much decided by the way you shape your nails. Nicely painted nails which complement your complexion bring out the sophistication in you. A hand sporting prim and proper nails, is, at times, a turn on too. Thus, if you really want to accentuate your femininity, shaping your nails is the best way of doing it. Trips to the parlor, do rip off your pockets. Thus, these few tips on shaping nails at home will help you save money and get beautiful hands within minutes.

Tip #1
With a good quality nail polish remover, wipe out the nail polish from your nails. Make sure you’ve removed the nail polish from ever corner, as the color gets left out around cuticles and towards the skin. The best way of thoroughly removing the nail polish, is using, a ear bud. Soak the ear bud, in the nail polish remover, and remove the paint on your nails with it.

Tip #2
You will need to make your nails softer, because dry nails are quite hard to shape and can break easily. Soak your hands in a bowl of lukewarm water for 15-20 minutes. Wipe them dry and then begin with the procedure of shaping your nails.

Tip #3
With a cuticle cutter or a cuticle remover, cut out the cuticle on your nails. Be careful while doing so, as the skin in this area is very soft and can bleed profusely with just a slight cut. Scoop out the dirt stuck in your nails with a nail file. With a soft manicure brush, scrub your hands to remove all the dead skin, tan (it can be removed only to a certain extent), and the remaining dirt and grime. Once again, soak your hands in lukewarm water to make the nails soft.

Tip #4
Now you can begin shaping your nails with, either a metallic or sandpaper nail file. By moving the nail file in a see sawing action, you will be able to get the desired shape for your nails. You can give your nails, the look you want my trimming either side or both the sides. This will make your nails look shorter for a little while, but they will eventually grow in the given shape.

Tip #5
The last part for shaping nails, is to give it the finishing touch. Buff your nails by removing the rough edges and the nail dust. Finally give your nails a bit of shine with a nail varnish. This will make your nails look totally natural and sexy.

Well-groomed nails, speak a lot about you and your personal grooming habits. Moreover, shaped nails look fresh and trendy. The best way of making your nails look classy, is to paint them with a nail paint, that is closest to your skin complexion. This gives a nude look, which never goes out of fashion.

How to Find the Right Manicure

Your hands generally get a hard time! Washing, working, shopping, cold weather and hot weather all take their toll on the condition of your skin so a range of manicure treatments are designed to refresh and reinvigorate your hands and nails leaving them looking and feeling great.

Different salons and mobile manicurists provide different styles of hand manicures but our advice would always be to use a manicure service that provides the latest professional salon equipment including relaxing heated hand mitts, salon quality creams and lotions and those that guarantee to provide you with a tailored manicure to meet your individual beauty reds. Whether you are looking for beauty treatments in the comfort of your own home or via a salon, there are generally a range of manicures available and this article aims to provide you with an overview of the different types so you can choose what’s right for your hands..

Different types of Manicure Treatments

The following manicure treatmentss are typical examples of those that you can find locally…

Shape and Polish – a great way to freshen up your nails

A standard ‘Shape and Polish’ Treatment is designed to give your nails a make-over to leave them looking and feeling great. A great fix for busy people! Treatment includes file, cuticle work and polish of your choice.

Mini Manicure – an invigorating pamper for your hands

‘Mini Manicures’ will give your hands the treatment they deserve! A Shape and Polish plus a relaxing hand soak and massage with soothing lotions that leaves your hands looking and feeling great.

Treatments generally include a file and cuticle work, a soothing hand soak, hand massage with lotions and a polish of your choice.

Luxury Manicure – the ultimate Pamper treatment for your hands!

‘Luxury Manicures’ are designed to totally refresh and invigorate your hands and would include a standard Mini Manicure plus a totally relaxing extra moisturising treatment with superb heated mitts that will leave your hands looking great and feeling fantastic. The ultimate pamper treatment for your hands!

Treatments normally include file and cuticle work, a soothing hand soak, hand massage, heated mitts for an extra moisturising treatment and a polish of your choice

Manicure Treatments are normally provided by a number of mobile therapists and salons. Therapists will provide you with a range of manicure services of your choice that are guaranteed to leave your hands looking and feeling great. Whatever treatment you choose, be sure that you discuss your requirements with a Therapist who will be happy to help.

Polish and Pamper is a Professional Mobile Beauty Treatment Service providing a range of beauty treatments in Harpenden, St Albans, South Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas.

Polish and Pamper provides professional manicure treatments and a wide range of Professional Mobile Beauty Treatments. The service is provided in the comfort of your own home throughout the Hertfordshire including areas of Harpenden, St Albans and South Hertfordshire. Our Therapists provide a range of manicure services of your choice that are guaranteed to leave your hands looking and feeling great.


Best Manicure Designs to Die

download (1)Before you get to the creative part, you must first prepare to do your own nail designs. In other words, it is best to give yourself a quick manicure or pedicure before applying nail art. Beautiful bare feet look great in a nice pair of shoes, but not if you have dry, ashy feet. You want your feet to appear radiant by using the right foot care products on them.

If you already take care of your hands and feet, you may only need to apply lotion before doing your nails. At a minimum, wash your hands or feet and apply lotion. After applying a moisturizing lotion, take a towel and rub it well across each nail. Also use the towel on your hands. This will remove any oils on your nails so the nail art stays in place when you apply it later. Next, you should trim your nails into the shape you want them for your nail designs. Usually, people follow the natural shape of their nails whether that is square, round, or triangular. A nail file can shape and trim your nails easily without removing too much of your nail.

Follow up by applying clear nail polish to all of your nails. This protects the nail and helps prevent nail polish from staining your nails. Choose a color of nail polish and apply it on top of your clear coat. Now you are ready to create nail art magic! Be creative and design your nails. Another article in this series will show you step by step how to do your own nail designs. If you are anxious to get started, you can dip a toothpick in nail polish and make flower nail designs. If you are using nail decals, pick one off carefully with a pair of tweezers and place it on to your nail. Finish with a thin layer of clear nail polish to keep it all in place and you are done!